The basic theme of the site was Tara's idea. I think it works very well.

I decided to do the site, including the registry, by myself for a couple of reasons: first, suppose we register for salad tongs at some national chain. One day, you're shopping at your local five-and-dime and come accross the same salad tongs for half the price of the national chain. What to do? If you buy them you will not be able to strike them from the national registry, and we'll get two pairs. If you go to the national chain, you'll pay twice as much. A Conundrum indeed! In my system, we let you know what we want, not where we want you to buy it. Secondly, we like to (as much as we can) support small, local manufacturers. By using the system I've developed here, we can do exactly that.

That having been said, we understand that it is a little uncouth to run your own registry (traditionally, the registry is announced by the Maid of Honor, not the bride). We would like to assure you that we will not be digging through the database until after the wedding. I may, from time to time, have to do some maintance, but I doubt that that maintance will require me to see the data recorded.

Finally, as you might expect, one of the great advantages of my system is its ability to manage the RSVPs, menu choices, addresses, and all the other 'busy' work usually associated with a wedding. But none of this will work if your personal information is out of date. So, please, keep your registration up to date, and check back often as we post information.

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