Other Flora

Any help in identifying the species seen here, or corrections to the identifications I have made will be greatly appreciated. -

Allamanda (Allamanda cartartica) Outside our room at the Still Plantation, Soufiere.

Glorious (genus) photographed at Diamond Falls.

Orange Ixora (Ixora macrothyrsa or coccinea) at Touraille Falls.

Thunbergia at Balenbouche Estate.

Torch Ginger (nicolaia elatia (violeria) magnifica).

Waterlillies photographed at Balenbouche Estate.

Grandpa's water garden at Mamiko Gardens

Unidentified White Flowers in Diamond Falls Botanical Garden.

Frangi Pani (Pulmera) photographed in Mamiko Gardens.

Orange and Pink Hibiscus at Mamiko Gardens

Sip (Cordeia Sabentina) at Mamiko Gardens (it's backlit, not yellow).

Unidentified 'Spider' Flower at Mamiko Gardens.

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