June 3rd, 2003.

This Tuesday, one week after starting our road trip, we were obliged to return the jeep. But, before we did, we decided to complete our tour of the whole island by taking a last jaunt up to the very rich neighborhood on the north tip, called Cap Estate. The houses here were ostentatious but a couple were very beautiful. The coastal road was winding and steep and hard to negotiate, and made us both relieved that we were about to become pedestrians!

En route back to Rodney Bay, we detoured to look at the imposing ornate structure with cement facade of St. Jospeh the Worker Roman Catholic Church, built in 1926.

For dinner on Tuesday, we finally managed to meet up with Tara's second cousing, Mervyn, and his platonic friend, Tricia. Peter had planned to finish his night watching the first game of the NBA Finals but when we reached the sports bar, we were faced with the broadcast of the Miss Universe beauty contest instead (I heard that Miss Alpha Centurii was stuffing her bra), to both our dismay! Needless to say, we didn't stay.




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